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Secrets and lies – آموزش ویدیویی مکالمه زبان انگلیسی (۱۸)

درس هجدهم آموزش مکالمه ویدویی Lifetime
درس هجدهم آموزش مکالمه ویدویی Lifetime

قسمت هجدهم مکالمه ویدیویی – Secrets and lies (رازها و دروغ ها)

قسمت هجدهم و یا همان قسمت چهارم مکالمه ویدیویی از فصل سوم مجموعه Lifetime و از مجموعه آموزشی Oxford English Learning

در قسمت قبلی این سریال مشاهده کردید که همکاران تیم برای شروع کار خود در استرالیا و نیز برای شرکت در یک کنفرانس به هلند سفر می کند. در این قسمت و در ادامه همان داستان های قبلی، خواهر ربکا که ظاهرا زندگی به مراتب بهتر و موفق تری از او دارد مشخص می شود که این زندگی ظاهرا موفق دروغی بیش نبوده و تیم در پی اعلام خبر رفتنش به استرالیا به جولیا می باشد.

این قسمت را که مدت زمان آن  ۷:۰۷ دقیقه می باشد به دقت مشاهده کنید و بهتر است مشاهده آن را چندین بار تکرار کنید و به دقت به تلفظ کلمات و جملات بکار رفته در آن توجه کنید و هر جا با مشکل معنی جملات مواجه شدید به متن ترجمه شده مراجعه کنید تا این یادگیری بتواند بهترین بازدهی را برای شما به همراه داشته باشد. متن دیالوگ و ترجمه فارسی آن نیز در پائین برای شما آماده شده است.

برای دیدن قسمت قبلی (قسمت ۱۷) این مکالمه، کلیک کنید.

برای دیدن قسمت بعدی (قسمت ۱۹) این مکالمه، کلیک کنید..

متن زیرنویس و فیلمنامه ی این قسمت:

 Secrets and lies
رازها و دروغ ها

ترجمه متن به زودی اضافه خوهد شد…

– Have you had a good run – Yes, thanks.
You’ve been doing a lot of training lately.
Yes, I thought I’d enter the London Marathon.
Do you know where the pen for phone messages is
I’ve been using it to do the crossword.
Sorry. I know it shouldn’t be moved from the phone.
Leave those. I’ll see to them in a minute.
And I haven’t finished with those yet.
It’s Sunday morning, Rebecca. Relax.
OK. I’m going to have a shower.
Hello, Sean. How are you
Not too bad, I suppose.
Jason and Kylie What have they been doing now
They’ve been talking on one of those telephone chat lines you know…
…where you can talk to people from all over the country.
We got the phone bill yesterday.
I don’t know what we’re going to do with those kids.
You could try strangling them.
Rebecca. Your sister phoned just now.
She’d like you to call her back.
Cindy She never phones me at work. I wonder what she wants.
Could you let me have a report some time…
…on the Amsterdam conference, Tim
And I’d particularly like to know…
…whether you made any useful contacts there.
Sure. No problem.
I’d like to know what you were up to as well.
I’m sure you would, Julia.
It’s very strange.
I’ve been living in that flat for four years…
…and she’s only ever visited me once before.
– Do you know what she wants – No.
Why do people have to be so mysterious
I don’t know why they can’t just say what’s on their mind.
Don’t you agree, Tim
Er, yes, yes, definitely.
You’ve been tidying this flat for the last two hours.
And it was tidy when you started.
And that’s the fourth time you’ve straightened that pen.
What is it with you and your family
Why does everything have to be so perfect
Ever since I can remember, Cindy’s always been better at everything.
She got better grades at school.
She went to university.
I went to the local technical college.
She’s got a high-powered job in the City.
I’m just a – a secretary.
A personal assistant.
But I don’t see what that’s got to do with being tidy.
I’ve got to show that I’m better at something.
If I can’t be as successful as her…
…I can be neater or more organised – or fitter.
Is that why you want to do the London Marathon
Just relax.
Tim and I are going out, so I’ll be out of your way soon.
Julia. I don’t know how to say this…
…but there’s something I need to tell you.
I suppose you’re wondering why I wanted to go to that conference.
Hey, you’ll never believe this, Julia…
…but I’m thinking of going to work in Australia.
Julia, my love…
Julia, I don’t know whether you’ll like this, but…
Of course she won’t like it, you nerd!
It’s no good.
I’ll wait till I hear whether I’ve definitely got the job.
Hi, Rebecca. Is Cindy still here
No, she’s gone.
Are you all right
Only – you haven’t cleared the table.
I’ve had such a strange evening.
What happened
You know Cindy’s always been a high-powered business woman…
…with a flash car and loads of money and now this MBA as well
Well, she’s met this guy called Jimmy.
Actually, they’ve been going out for about two years.
She hasn’t told Mum and Dad because they wouldn’t approve.
How romantic!
And now she’s given up her job.
Yes, it seems she’s been living a lie all her life.
She’s done all the things she’s done just to please Mum and Dad.
But you haven’t heard the best bit.
She envies me because I’ve always done what I wanted.
And now she’s decided to do what she wants to do, too.
Going to Africa
Yes, she and Jimmy are going to teach in a school for blind children.
She won’t make any money doing that.
That’s the whole point, Gary.
So you’ve been competing with each other all your lives for no reason
Yes. We couldn’t tell each other how we really felt.
You were right the other day, Julia.
We should all be more honest with each other.
I thought you’d gone jogging.
I’ve given that up. I never really enjoyed it.
No London Marathon, then
No. I thought I’d just read the paper and maybe do the crossword.
Could you pass me that pen

لینک دانلود این ویدیو از آپارات با کیفیت پائین (۱۴۴P) و با حجم ۵٫۳ مگابایت

لینک دانلود این ویدیو از آپارات و با کیفیت متوسط (۲۴۰P) و با حجم ۹٫۷۸ مگابایت

لینک دانلود این ویدیو از آپارات و با کیفیت خوب (۳۶۰P) و با حجم ۲۰٫۹ مگابایت

زمان ویدیو: ۰۰:۰۷:۰۷

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