10 Tips to learn English Speaking

10 Tips to learn English Speaking

Many people wish to learn English Speaking in a desirable way. Especially people who have a special motivation to use this ability, for example, they want to travel abroad, continue their education, work in a foreign institution, or simply want to learn it because they have an interest in establishing a relationship with the international community.

Unfortunately, in some countries, the language training in schools and universities is designed in such a way that no student can easily communicate in English after graduation. The findings of students are limited to learning grammar or translating texts. Due to these inappropriate educational conditions, families are forced to send their children from their very early years to English learning centers.

Those who do not enter the basic learning process of the English language during their studies, after the end of school and university education, will not have much opportunity and patience to participate in the English course due to being busy with doing some work and business. Those who may enroll in the language school with any difficulty, because they just show up in the classroom and they don’t have time to practice and study, so they practically have no progress in their learning process. The rest of the people, whose employment and daily life do not allow them to attend English courses, decide to learn English by themselves by preparing various programs and English training books. While this group of people has no compulsion, force, or deadline for their learning, gradually lose their passion and interest to learn English and they give up all the programs, books, CDs, and similar educational materials that had been prepared for their learning process.

These people may lose their motivation and interest over time, as their learning process lengthens, and they may skip the benefit of learning English. This is an issue that will turn into a big challenge in their future life by remembering the issue of language learning from time to time.

We intend to help these people and other language learners here, by mentioning some small and technical points in the field of learning English conversation, so that they can learn to speak English more easily and quickly. You can reach your goal sooner by following these simple tips. Please note that these small tips are the result of the experiences of those who had the problem of learning English conversation, like you:

Please note that there are three prerequisites that are necessary to learn how to speak the English language: motivation, time and energy, and a suitable environment.

1- Motivation: You have to make your decision! You need to make it clear to yourself why you want to learn English, especially its Speaking. If you are really determined, enter this path otherwise, you will be wasting your time!!

2- Time and energy: time is a main necessity for learning any language. Learning English is a continuous and time-consuming process, and there should not be any gap between its different phases and steps. English students can achieve their goals only by spending time and having a coherent program. So you need to determine exactly what time you will spend learning English speaking during the week.

3- Appropriate environment: When learning English, you must provide yourself with a suitable and quiet environment. Your environment should be such an environment that you can concentrate there easily. The crowded places are not good places to learn and practice English speaking.

The point that should be noted is that English vocabulary is elusive for many people and may be forgotten. Therefore, it is better to maintain your connection with the English language on a permanent basis and not give it up at all. Consistent learning of vocabulary and practicing it in English conversations can cause the penetration of learned material into your subconscious mind. Try to review different words and expressions from time to time so that they remain in your subconscious mind.

Listening to English words and sentences and using them is the most important and best way to learn English conversation. Humans learn their mother tongue in childhood, by listening to some words and sentences from those around them and they use them little by little. Listen carefully to words, expressions, sentences, and conversations that are spoken between English speakers. The more you do this, the faster you will learn.

English Speaking
English Speaking

Now let’s mention some points about listening exercises:

1- When you want to learn a topic from an English textbook, listen to the audio file for that section several times before reading the text of that section. Try to listen to the audio file several times before reading its text. This will improve your listening skills and help you recognize the spoken words, and it will also prevent you from mispronouncing some words that you did not know their pronunciation, and you would have mispronounced them forever. Therefore, do not start reading the text of the lesson before you have listened to it several times.

2- You should listen to the audio file for each lesson several times. If you want to gain confidence in speaking, listen to the audio file of each part many times until you can memorize the text. If the text is long, divide it into several parts and listen to each part several times until you remember the text, and then repeat the text like a radio announcer.
This exercise will have a significant impact on your speaking, and it will give you the pleasure of expressing a text in English while learning the correct pronunciation of words and phrases.
This pleasure can give you a lot of energy to imagine yourself having a conversation with a English native speaker.

3- Try listening to audio files by using headphones.
This is useful for two reasons:
First, you can concentrate all your attention on your ears so that the content of the audio file is properly heard by your ears and processed by your brain.
Second, the sound coming from the headphones is better heard due to its proximity to the human eardrum and remains in the ear input range for a long time and is repeated in a back-and-forth motion and we can hear and understand it better.

4- As mentioned above, listen to the audio files of different parts of your English book several times, then read the relevant text along with playing the audio file with it. After you are completely familiar with the desired text, try to repeat the same content in your own language and record your voice with your mobile phone. Recite any text you can memorize with your own voice while recording your voice. Then listen to your recording and compare it to the audio file you listened to earlier. With this exercise, you can find out your pronunciation weak points and you will be able to fix them all. After a while, you will notice that your accent and pronunciation have advanced by doing this exercise regularly and consistently, Try to imitate the accent and the tone of a native speaker, like a mime or a theater actor to improve your accent. Even if the native speaker is an old woman or a child, speak exactly like them. Please note that if you try to speak exactly like the audio file, you will remember more words, because you are saying exactly what you have heard already!!

5- The best practice for English speaking and conversation is to do the previous exercise in front of a mirror. You can also strengthen your self-confidence with this method.

6. In addition to listening to the audio files of your textbook and practicing it, it is better not to neglect watching the video files. Cartoons, movies, series, and many video files that are distributed on social networks are good resources for practicing listening and speaking skills in English. It is better to choose the video files based on your level of English language knowledge.

7. If you are watching a video file, try to focus on it so that nothing else disturbs your attention. You should remove any distraction that reduces the power of your hearing concentration so that you can hear and understand it more easily.

8. You need to notice grammar and vocabulary at the same time practicing speaking and paying close attention to them. Consider the grammar and vocabulary only to the extent you need, and you should not neglect your main goal which is to learn to speak. This is the main exercise; listen carefully, memorize them, and record your voice for reciting them. Do this exercise many times until you are satisfied with your accent, pronunciation, and speaking.

9. When learning and practicing English speaking, don’t look for word-for-word translation from your own mother tongue to English. This will confuse you and cause you to learn English conversation incorrectly. In the early stages, do not try to make sentences yourself, but memorize, repeat, and practice the sentences you heard.

10. Bring English conversation into your daily life.
Stand in front of a mirror every day and ask yourself what you have learned and then answer to yourself.

10 Tips to learn English Speaking
English Speaking

We hope these tips and suggestions will be useful for learning and practicing your English conversation and can make the path to your goal smoother. If you have tried a method and found it useful for yourself let us know in the comment section below. Your innovative method may be helpful to some other students.

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