English Idiom: not to give a toss about someone

The idiom which is going to be discussed here in this post is actually a British slang: not to give a toss about someone, or don’t give a toss about so notice the following conversational example to know the meaning of this idiom:

Joe: Why he treats like that to the journalists?
Lucas: I don’t know, but you know he doesn’t give a toss about them.
Joe: I’m sure they will make him so many troubles.
Lucas: He is so and there is nothing to do with him.

As you can see from the above example, the two people talking about someone who treats bad to the journalists and these journalists may cause some problems for him, so it seems that he is absolutely careless about these journalists while he treats them in a bad way. Being such a careless person to people (the journalists) was described by the phrase of not to give a toss about someone. So we can understand from that phrase in the above example that if someone doesn’t give a toss about something or someone, he / she does not care about them at all.

To give a toss about sth / sb is a British slang which is usually used in in the negative form to convey the opposite meaning, in other words this slang is used not to give a toss about someone / something and it attributes some treatments, behaviors, or ideas from someone to someone or something else which is usually related to being not care at all about somebody or something which seems to be concerned or interested to that person.

Idiom #249

do not give a toss about someone or something 
not to give a toss about someone
don’t give a toss about sb or sth  
not give a toss about someone


(British slang)
not give a damn about somebody
do not care about others at all
not care at all about someone

English Idiom: not to give a toss about someone

English Idiom: not to give a toss about someone

To know more about this idiom let’s check the definition of this idiom in some great dictionaries:

not to give a toss about someone:


give (or care) a toss : informal usually with negative: Care at all


UK – very informal – ​ to not be worried at all by something


 to not care at all about something

MacMillan Dictionary:

to not care about something

English Idiom: don't give a toss about

English Idiom: don’t give a toss about

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Let’s take a look at some examples about this idiom to understand it better:

• I don’t give a toss about what is she going to say in the party.
• She never gave a toss about what they think.
• John doesn’t give a toss about making money, he just wants to do something that makes life better for others.
• I have not given a toss for the new gadgets in my life.
• Do whatever you want and don’t give a toss to the problems around yourself.
• We didn’t give a toss about politics because it had never given a toss about me.
• We couldn’t give a toss about what audiences think and we just focused on our performance to be the best.
 I don‘t give a toss about my problems, I should care about success!
• Kate doesn’t give a toss about her boy friend, because she doesn’t love him.
• Our manager doesn’t give a toss about us and he just thinks about money.

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