Clothes Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verb is a phrase which combines two or three words from different grammatical categories for example a verb and a preposition. Phrasal verbs are so useful in English and here in this post the list of some useful phrasal verbs relating to clothes and clothing or Clothes Phrasal Verbs would be discussed.  So you can see the list 21 popular and useful clothing phrasal verbs with their definitions and examples:

English Phrasal Verbs
English Phrasal Verbs

1- Put on : to dress yourself or someone else with an item or items of clothing.
e.g: I usually put on my suit before going to work.

2- Take off : to remove a piece of clothing.
e.g: Jack was taking off his shirt when I called him.

3- Try on: to put on an item of clothing to find out whether it fits or is suitable.
e.g: We need to try on shoes before we decide to buy. 

4- Pull on: to put clothes on quickly
e.g: She was so late so she pulled on his jacket and went out quickly. 

5- Button up: to fasten one’s clothing tightly, as against cold weather
e.g: You should button up your jacket in winter. 

6- Dress up: to put on different clothes to look smarter than usual
e.g: He wants to dressed up like a Chicago gangster for the party .

7- Kick off: to remove your shoes quickly
e.g: She was so tired so kicked off her shoes and went to bed immediately. 

8- Zip up: to fasten something using a zip, or to become fastened using a zip
e.g: The dress should be zipped up at the front.

9- Hang up: to put something on a hook or a hanger
e.g: Don’t leave your clothes on the floor, hang them up.

10- Hang out: to dry clothes outside after washing
e.g: It was a sunny day, so she hung out the washing.

11- Slip on: to put on an item of clothing very easily.
e.g: She slipped on her flip flops in the beach before she went into the sea.

12- Wrap up: To put on warm clothes
e.g: It was a cold day and she had to wrap up in a thick coat. 

13- Do up: to fasten an item of clothing
e.g: I have to do up my raincoat and go out.

14- Throw on: to put on an item of clothing quickly and carelessly
e.g: He usually throw on his jeans and T-shirt.

15- Wear out : to use an item until it is no longer in good condition
e.g: He is a poor man and he usually wears out his shoes for a long time. 

16- Go with : to suit each other
e.g: This purse can go with your dress and shoes. 

17- Take in: to make an item of clothing smaller/ more narrow
e.g: She lost her weight, so her dress doesn’t fit. She has to take it in.

18- Turn up: to shorten some trousers, a dress or a skirt so that they fit better
e.g: William’s jeans were too long, so he asked his wife to turn up the bottom of the jeans so they fitted.

19- Have on: to be wearing a piece of clothing or type of clothing
e.g: Joe had nothing on but his shorts.

20- Come off : to become removed from an item of clothing
e.g: He was running too fast and his shoes came off in the street

21- Show off: to show something to a lot of people
e.g: She got engaged and shows off her ring to all her friends. 

Clothes Phrasal Verbs
Clothes Phrasal Verbs

Most of important clothes phrasal verbs are explained above you are supposed to learn then and how to use them in a correct way. Please note that these clothes phrasal verbs are the most useful ones and there are some other clothes phrasal verbs which are not so useful and that’s why we made the above list to learn the most useful ones. Notice the following examples with some other clothes phrasal verbs :

1. I think she should go on a diet. She can’t get into her dress.

2. These jeans are too small for me. I think it’s better to give them away to my friend.

3. Do you think these shoes go with my suit?

4. I can’t find my slippers. Do you know who slipped them on?

5. It’s really difficult for her to pick out a dress for the party. They’re all so beautiful.

6. I will pick up my suit from the dry cleaners today before the party.

7. Teenagers never put away their clothes.

8. Put on you coat, otherwise you may got a cold.

9. It’s better to take off that hat, you know it looks ridiculous.

10. There is no need to throw away your clothes, you can recycle them instead.

11. I always try on shoes before I buy them.

12. He wears out his clothes quickly because he plays so much.

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