10 tips to learn English faster

10 tips to learn English faster

Even though many people think it would be hard to learn a new language, but as long as you want to learn a new language you can do it by some simple ways and over time. English is one of the languages which seems to need much more time to be learned. Many of English learners believe so, but with some simple ways, and with some effort it would be so easy, fun, and fast learn language.

There are 10 simple tips or ways which help you to learn English faster and sooner than your expectations. So try to read them carefully and use them in your daily life to expand and develop your English learning.

10 tips to learn English faster
10 tips to learn English faster

  1. Be curious

One of the very simple ways for learning English fast is to read every English context which you can get. From storybooks to newspapers, magazines, websites, advertisements, social media, information which is written on a box of cosmetics, to what you may love reading it in English. Reading everything which is written in English in this way helps you to expand your vocabulary, and learn new words which are related to a special thing which you have that. You may know some words, and you can guess the meaning of new words in relation to those easy words which you know their meanings.    

2. Taking notes

After you read a text or after you find a word or phrase which you don’t know its meaning, take a note about that word or phrase and review that for yourself when you are free. This is a good way for expanding your vocabulary and keeping their meaning in your mind. Whenever you hear or read a new word or expression, write it down in your notebook and it is better to write it with the sentence you have read or heard for the first time. It will make it impossible to forget that word or expression and its meaning. Anyway, it can help you to save your time too to learn new words and expressions and reviewing them. You will see after a while you have learned a lot of words and your vocabulary domain has expanded a lot in a short period of time.

3. Talk with natives

Humans usually learn language by communicating with each other. There is no way of reading or writing for a baby, but the baby will learn the language by communicating with other people around. It is so for all human beings. You need to use what we have learned to be better. You can’t learn English just by reading or writing, but you can expand your learning by speaking and especially with native English speakers. Speaking English helps you to stick in your mind far better than only reading or writing it. Seek out native speakers for an informal language exchange, you will definitely be surprised by your progress.

4. Listen more and carefully to every material around yourself

Every human being learns a new language first by listening, in other words, listening is the first phase and the first skill of language learning. There are many useful websites and devices you can take advantage of them for listening. It is so easy to find a radio, TV, podcast, movie, or videos which are helpful for you to listen. It would be hard to understand English in this way, but after a while and by having an organized program for yourself you will know that you can understand many things and much better than before. You can listen to any available material of English learning
as a leisure activity while you are free. It helps your accent to be better while teaching you many new vocabularies and expressions in a very short time. You need to know that listening has a direct impact on your speaking too.

5. Go to English speaking countries

It is clear that English is one of is the most widely-spoken language in the world and there are many countries which use English besides their own language, but being in an English speaking country with such a great environment for practicing your listening and speaking enables you not just learn English language, but also learn many things as their culture, idioms, slang, proverbs, accents, business, and …. So if you can afford that you need to think about great countries like the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand which helps you so much to learn English in a very short period of time.

10 tips to learn English faster

6. Talk to your friends by English

If you have some friends who know how to speak English it would be a good idea to practice your speaking together. It is better to talk to someone who is better than you in English. School friends can help each other to learn English sooner and it has so many advantages in learning English. You can challenge yourself in using English and by a psychological point of view this is a great way of practicing your speaking which enables you to defeat your fears and stress while speaking with others. Having native friends would be so great and you can find some online and through social networks to talk to them and make a chance for practice your speaking. You can talk to them about any interesting topics which you can prove yourself in speaking English.

7. Ask questions

One of best ways for every learning especially for language learning is curiosity. When you try to expand your English learning you may face many questions. Asking these questions would be the best policy for learning new things in your English and it gives you very good information to learn sooner and better. You can ask your questions from your teachers, your friends, or anyone who is able to give you a right answer.  Even if you’re learning alone and there is no one to help you with your questions you can find answers online in blogs or language websites, ask other learners, or read through forums.

8. Take a lead from the stars  

If you are a fan of a special actor or actress or singer, you can collect some of his / her videos and watch them carefully. Watch them many times and try to take notes of interesting words or expressions and then try to speak in his / her way of saying the same sentences. You can learn plenty of good words, slangs, stories, humor, jokes, and … by this way while it can be a good way for practicing listening and speaking as well.

9. Start with what you really need

If you want to learn English fast, you need to focus on the parts of English you need. You can’t be as a native English speaker in a short time, but you can be so in what really need. For example, if you need to learn English for a business meeting, there is no need to work on psychology texts and materials, but it would be better to make a plan for learning all materials related to your domain of English need. It helps you not to waste your time, and even save a lot of your time while you will achieve your goal sooner.  

10. Don’t kick yourself while you’re down

If you try to learn English, but you feel you have no progress there is no need to think and say: “I can’t learn English” or “I can’t speak English”. Please note that it may happen for all learners at some points but you need to be very positive and try to enjoy your learning and get a very strong positive attitude toward your learning process. Learning every language takes time, and if you say any negative words to yourself you just make this process more complicated and time-consuming for yourself. Instead, try to tell yourself positive things and make a positive mind for yourself toward your learning. It will help you to make so many improvements while it makes your way shorter and easier. You can make a comparison between what you know now and what you didn’t know 6 months ago.  

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