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استفاده نادرست از مصدر (با to) به جای استفاده از Gerund (فعل ing دار)

دوستان دقت کنید کهبعد از هر کلمه ای اگه حرف اضافه داشته باشیم، باید از Gerund (فعل ing دار) استفاد می کنیم. به مثالهای زیر توجه کنید:

Without, etc. + -ing.
Don’t say: Do your work without to speak.
Say: Do your work without speaking.

Instead of, etc. + -ing.
Don’t say:He went away instead to wait.
Say: He went away instead of waiting.

Fond of + -ing.
Don’t say:She’s always fond to talk.
Say: She’s always fond of talking.

Tired of + -ing.
Don’t say:The customer got tired to wait.
Say: The customer got tired of waiting.

Capable of + -ing.
Don’t say: They’re quite capable to do that.
Say: They’re quite capable of doing that.

Insist on + -ing.
Don’t say: Simon insisted to go to London.
Say: Simon insisted on going to London.

Object to + -ing.
Don’t say: I object to be treated like this.
Say: I object to being treated like this.

Prevent from + -ing.
Don’t say: The rain prevented me to go.
Say: The rain prevented me from going.

Succeed in + -ing.
Don’t say: Paula succeeded to win the prize.
Say: Paula succeeded in winning the prize.

Think of + -ing.
Don’t say: 1 often think to go to England.
Say: 1 often think of going to England.

Used to + -ing.
Don’t say: She’s used to get up early.
Say: She’s used to getting up early.

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