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Body Phrases


What your body does

Verbs connected with the mouth and breathing:

  1. Breathe نفس کشیدن

Example. A nurse gave the old man artificial respiration and he started breathing again.

  1. Yawn خمیازه کشیدن

Example. If a person yawns, everyone else seems to start too.

  1. Cough سرفه کردن

Example. It was so smoky in the room that he couldn’t stop coughing.

  1. Sneeze عطسه کردن

Example. Dust often makes me sneeze.

  1. Sigh اه کشیدن

Example. She sighed with relief when she heard the plane had landed safely.

  1. Hiccup سکسکه کردن

Example. Holding your breath and swallowing can help you stop hiccuping.

  1. Snore خروپف کردن

Example. She snored all night with her mouth wide open.

Verbs connected with eating and digestion:

  1. Burp اروغ زدن

Example. He patted the baby’s back to make it burp after its feeding.

  1. Chew جویدن

Example. My granny used to say you should chew every mouthful ten times.

  1. Rumble/ growl غرغر کردن

Example. It’s embarrassing if your stomach rumbles/growls during the class.

  1. Swallow بلعیدن

Example. Take a drink of water to help you swallow the pills.

  1. Suck مکیدن

Example. You’re too old to suck your thumb!

  1. Lick لیسیدن

Example. After having a meal, the cat licked herself clean.

  1. Bite گاز گرفتن

Example. She always bite her nails when she’s nervous.

Verbs connected with eyes and face:

  1. Blink پلک زدن

Example. She blinked several times to try to get the dust out of her eye.

  1. Wink چشمک زدن

Example. He winked at me across the room to try to make me laugh.

  1. Frown اخم کردن

Example. Why are you frowning? What’s the problem?

  1. Grin پوزخند زدن

Example. She was so delighted with the present that grinned from ear to ear.

  1. Blush بر اثر خجالت سرخ شدن

Example. He blushed with embarrassment when she smiled at him.

Verbs connected with whole body:

  1. Perspire/sweat عرق کردن

Example. Exercise makes you sweat/perspire.

  1. Tremble لرزیدن ( بر اثر اضطراب و ترس)

Example. My hands tremble when I’ve been drinking too much coffee.

  1. Shiver لرزیدن (بر اثر سرما)

Example. Look at him! He’s so cold that he’s shivering!

  1. Shake لرزیدن

Example. She laughed so hard that her whole body shook.


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