Proverb 21


Proverb #21

ضرب المثل بیست ویکم

There is no smoke without fire.

تا نباشد چیزکی مردم نگویند چیزها.

There is no smoke without fire

تا نباشد چیزکی مردم نگویند چیزها

با وجود اینکه ممکن است خبرها دهان به دهان بزرگ و طولانی شوند، اما به هر حال در ابتدا نکته ای هر چند کوچک وجود داشته است .

used for saying that if something bad is being said about someone, or if something seems bad, then there is probably a good reason for it. Look, he’s a nice guy, but there’s no smoke without fire.

UK saying US where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If unpleasant things are said about someone or something, there is probably a good reason for it: She says the accusations are not true, but there’s no smoke without fire.

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