Lesson 3 – Let’s Begin 1- Ii

Lesson 3 – Let’s Begin 1- Ii

Lesson 3 of Let’s Begin 1; Ii from Let’s Go English book series.  

We learned about the letter “Aa” and the letter “Ee” in the previous lessons from the book “Let’s Begin 1”. We also learned their names and the way to write them. There were some examples of words that start with these letters and learned how to write and read them.

We will learn the name and pronunciation of the letter “Ii” to which this lesson is related. We will also learn some words that start with this letter and the way to write it. The letter “Ii” is the ninth letter of the English alphabet. This letter is one of the English vowels and like other English vowels, it plays an important role in the pronunciation of English words. As we know from the previous lessons, the arrangement of the lessons in this book is based on vowels and consonants. Since the letter “Ie” is the third vowel letter in the English language, it is assigned to be the third lesson of the book “Let’s Begin 1”.
At first, the learner is expected to listen carefully to the name and pronunciation of this letter and learn it quickly.
The letter “li” creates different sounds in different words and in different positions. As can be seen in the video file to pronounce the /ɪ/ sound in English, you need to focus on the correct position of your tongue. Open your mouth slightly, open your lips, and relax them. Raise your tongue in your mouth and push it forward. The tip of the tongue can be lowered just behind the lower front teeth.
The words included in this lesson for better learning are:

It is a girl’s name and means Pledged to God Isabel
a colored fluid used for writing, drawing, printing, or duplicating. ink
💪 igloo
🦟 insect

Let’s Begin 1- Lesson 2; Ee Video Lesson: 

Click Here to watch this video lesson on YouTube.

On the second page of the lesson (page 11), the conversation part of the lesson is related to two very useful sentences in English, which are:

Hi, How are you?
I’m fine.

We use the question “How are you?” to greet someone. It is usually followed by saying “Hi” or “Hello” in the English language. As you can see, this question is used after greeting (the word “Hi” is used for this purpose). If you pay attention to the image of this part of the conversation in the book or video file, you will realize that these two people are probably friends or of the same age. That is why in this part of the conversation, the term “Hi” is used instead of “Hello”. (Click here to read more about this point that was mentioned in the first lesson)

The way of writing the letter “Ii” is taught in the written part of this lesson. It is very simple and easy, and in fact, it is one of the easiest letters to be written in the English language. Dear student, you are expected to watch this section carefully to learn how to write it correctly. As can be seen in the video file, the capital letter I, has a vertical line that continues from the first line of the notebook to the third line.

Letter Ii
Letter Ii

Please note that the beginning and end of this vertical line are connected to two small horizontal lines. The small letter “i” should also be placed between the second and third lines of the notebook, and the dot in this small letter should be placed on the small line and just above the second line. Of course, it is better for the end of the small letter “i”, which is tangent to the third line of the notebook, to be accompanied by a small crooked protrusion at the beginning and end. It will make your handwriting more beautiful by considering this point in writing this small letter by hand.

Lesson 3 – Let’s Begin 1- Ii
Lesson 3 – Let’s Begin 1- Ii

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