Lifetime – Part 21- The End

Following the posts about learning English conversation by movies and series, in this post episode 21 of Lifetime series is prepared here with screenplay of this section.

Lifetime - Part 21
Lifetime – Part 21

In this episode we can see what will happen to Tom and his new job in Australia and especially his romantic relationship with Julia. You can check the dialogues between different characters below. The explanation of some important parts of the conversions will be discussed after that.

Part 7 – 21

That was a bit of a marathon. – And we didn’t see the ghost!
ghost: spirit; phantom; shadow; hint, trace; ghost writer

I would have run a mile, if it had appeared! I’m exhausted.
exhausted: tired, drained of energy, weak

Perhaps we shouldn’t have tried to do it all in one day.
Maybe. Anyway, I don’t fancy driving back tonight.
fancy: imagine; have an idea; think; be fond of

Why don’t we stay somewhere near here then we can go straight into work tomorrow
OK. I’ll ring round some of the local hotels.
ring round: phone several people, usually when you are trying to organize something or to find some information.

Can I borrow your mobile؟ Mine’s not working.
Yes, of course. Here you are.
Hi, Rebecca. Is Julia back yet
And she hasn’t called
Well, when you speak to her, could you get her to call me
I don’t mind how late.
mind: pay attention to; be careful of; supervise; regret; oppose; remember, notice

I’m going to be working till at least half past three in the morning.
Cheers: interj. salutation or toast; (Informal) good health (toast shouted just before drinking an alcoholic drink to express good wishes), shout of congratulations or approval; (U.K.) good-bye or farewell; (U.K.) thank you

– Here’s your coffee.
– Thanks.
I suppose this will be our last job together.
Yes. I hope the studio work goes well for you.
So do I. And good luck with your new job, too.
Thanks. It’ll be good to see some new places.
To the future.
Good morning, Zoe, Julia.
– Morning, Ted.
– Morning.
Oh, Zoe, I’ve got a package for you here and you need to sign for it.
Well, I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t heard it from Martha.
– See you later, Zoe.
– OK.
– So he’s definitely going to Australia
– Yes, to Kangaroo TV.
Hello. Tim Barnes.
What!? Is she all right?
The General Yeah, I’m on my way.
Julia, are you all right? What happened?
You may well ask, Tim Barnes. This is all your fault.
If you hadn’t decided to go off to Australia, this wouldn’t have happened.
You should have told me, Tim.
Could somebody please tell me what’s going on
I was in reception and I heard Abigail saying that you were definitely going to Australia.
She said that I was going to Australia
Well, she didn’t actually mention your name, but I don’t think it’s very funny.
If that driver hadn’t stopped so quickly, Julia would have been killed.
She wasn’t talking about me.
She was talking about Frederick. I’m not going to Australia.
Let me get this straight.
Let me get this straight: 
Understand correctly or make something clear.This expression uses straight in the sense of “in proper order” or “not confused.”

Frederick’s going to be Managing Director of Kangaroo TV and Martha’s taking over
Managing Director: the person who is in overall charge of the running of an organization or business

Then Simon Fletcher is taking Martha’s place and they’ve offered me Simon’s old job as foreign reporter.
So as soon as you’re well again, we can get married.
But nothing’s really changed, has it, Tim?
What do you mean?
You wouldn’t have asked me to marry you if you hadn’t been offered the job in Australia.
And you would have gone, if Simon’s job hadn’t come up.
No. I’d already turned the Australian job down.
turn sth/sb down: a phrasal verb – to refuse an offer or request

I don’t believe you.
How’s the patient?
Look, I’ll show you.
Oh, no. I put it under your door.
Is this what you want?
You really turned it down?
I e-mailed that yesterday before I knew anything about the job at Apex.
It’s true, Julia. I saw him typing it.
It must be nice being a foreign reporter going to all those different places.
It is. I’m off to Barbados today.
Barbados: an island in North Atlantic Ocean

Oh really!? So am I. I’m staying at the Honeymoon Hotel.
Perhaps I’ll see you there, Mr Barnes.
Perhaps you will, Mrs Barnes.

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