The cat & her missing kitty

Second story: The cat & her missing kitty

There was a cat who was living with her little kitty on the roof of a house. One day the cat went to the outside of the neighbourhood to search for food. When she came back home she noticed that her kitty was not there so she became very worried about her baby.
She started running around to search for her kitty. She went all around to look for her baby kitty but she couldn’t find her. She started to make some sounds saying something to cry and to shout her baby kitty but there was no sign of her kitty. It was 5 hours which she missed her baby kitty and she was much more worried and sad.
She was thinking about what ma happened for her baby and where is she now. She could remember she has told her to stay at home and not to go anywhere until she came back home. She started to make some sounds and going to shout her again.
There was a man who lives there and noticed

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