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لغت ۷ و ۸ درس ۲۱ کتاب ۵۰۴

لغت ۷ درس ۲۱ کتاب ۵۰۴ Dilemma / dɪˈlɛmə, – dʌɪ- / Situation requiring a choice between two evils; a difficult choice; difficult situation, difficult decision (Noun) It is sensible not to panic* in the face of a dilemma. Lottie faced the dilemma of whether to approve of the operation or not. In “The Lady or the Tiger,” the hero …

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لغت ۵ و ۶ درس ۲۱ کتاب ۵۰۴

لغت ۵ درس ۲۱ کتاب ۵۰۴ Verify / ˈvɛrɪfʌɪ / Prove to be true; confirm*, accurate (Verb) A “yes man” is an employee* who will verify everything the boss says. I was there as a witness to verify the charges against the bus driver. The data* I turned in were verified by the clerks in our office.   اثبات اینکه …

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لغت ۳ و ۴ درس ۲۱ کتاب ۵۰۴

لغت ۳ درس ۲۱ کتاب ۵۰۴ Collide / kəˈlʌɪd / Come together with force, crash, hit by accident when moving. (Verb) When the two autos collided, the people in the fragile* smaller car perished.* Committees are exploring* ways of keeping cars from colliding. In my estimate* the two bicycles collided at five o’clock.   با نیرو به هم خوردن، تصادف …

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لغت ۱ و ۲ درس ۲۱ کتاب ۵۰۴

لغت ۱ درس ۲۱ کتاب ۵۰۴ Plea / pliː / Request; appeal; that which is asked of another (Noun)   The employees* turned in a plea to their boss for higher pay. The president’s plea to release the captives* was denied by the enemy. In court today, the judge consented* to the lawyer’s plea for a light sentence.   درخواست، …

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لغت هشتم از درس ۵ کتاب ۵۰۴ Topic / ‘tɑpɪk /’tɒp- / Subject that people think, write, or talk about موضوعی که مردم درباره ی آن فکر می کنند، می نویسند، و یا صحبت می کنند. مبحث   Predicting the weather is our favorite topic of conversation. پیش بینی وضع هوا موضوع مورد علاقه ی گفتگوی ماست.   Valerie only …

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