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لغت ۱ و ۲ درس ۴۰ کتاب ۵۰۴

لغت ۱ درس ۴۰ کتاب ۵۰۴ Epidemic / ɛpɪˈdɛmɪk / Adjective & Noun An outbreak of a disease that spreads rapidly* so that many people have it at the same time; widespread, very common, affecting many people at once, outbreak, plague, something which spreads quickly (i.e. a disease), pandemic, epizootic, rash, wave, eruption, outbreak, craze; flood, torrent; upsurge, upturn, increase, …

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Comprehensive -504-6-11

لغت یازدهم از درس ۶ کتاب ۵۰۴ ………………. Comprehensive / kɑmprɪ’hensɪv /’kɒm-/ including much; covering completely After a comprehensive exam, my doctor said I was in good condition. The engineer gave our house a thorough*, comprehensive checkup before my father bought it. Mrs. Silver wanted us to do a comprehensive study of Edgar Allan Poe.   فراگیر، جامع   بعد …

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