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لغت ۷ و ۸ درس ۳۱ کتاب ۵۰۴

لغت ۷ درس ۳۱ کتاب ۵۰۴ Dispute: Noun: / dɪˈspjuːt,ˈdɪspjuːt/ – Verb: / dɪˈspjuːt / Disagree; oppose; try to win; a debate or disagreement, argue; appeal, contest, fight against, discussion, disputation, argument, controversy, disagreement, quarrelling, dissension, conflict, friction, strife, discord Our patriotic* soldiers disputed every inch of ground during the battle. The losing team disputed the contest up until the …

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آموزش مکالمه زبـان انگلیســی