Story: The lion and other animals

The lion and other animals
There was a very big lion in the jungle. It was so huge. It has a very strange voice. When the lion roars all animals fear and hide. There was a hen, a monkey, a rabbit, and a squirrel who were friends together. The lion had a horse friend. The horse was friend with all other animals too. The four small friends fear from the lion so much. They were thinking about how to struggle with this fear. One day the four friends were talking about the lion. The horse was coming across them. The horse heard that they are talking about the lion. The horse came closer and asked them what the problem with them is. They told the horse about their fear of the lion. The horse laughed and said the lion is a very kind animal. It said there is no need to fear from the lion. But the four friends said it doesn’t seem so. They talked about the frightening roars when the lion is roaring. They talked about the shaking ground when the lion passing through their homes.
The horse said that’s true the lion has a very enormous body and loud voice, but there is a magic behavior for being friend with the lion. The four friends surprised with these words of the horse so they asked how? How is it possible to be a friend with such a huge creature in the jungle? The horse said it has two simple magic things; one is to have a smile and the other is to say “hello” before the lion come across.
The four animals shocked when they heard these strange things from the horse. It would be so easy and simple for them to treat their fear and be friend with the lion. They couldn’t believe the horse and they didn’t think it would be so simple. They were saying how it is possible with that huge lion!?
One day the four friends gathered together and they were talking together. Suddenly the lion was crossing there and they got frightened so much. They tried to run away and not to face the lion. The rabbit, monkey and the squirrel run away and went up to the trees. But the hen couldn’t run so fast and she had no other choice just to face the lion. The hen was shaking from her fear, but suddenly she remembered the horse’s words. The hen had no choice just to do the magic behavior. So when the lion was coming closed she make a smile with her beak. The hen was not sure about her behavior to work with the lion. After the smile, she said “Hello” before the lion gets completely closer to her. The hen was shaking so much. The lion came closer and made a nice sound with the hen and put his hand over the hen’s wings. The other three animals were watching this scene. They were thinking about how to help their friends. While they were thinking and watching this scene the lion made a kind touch over the hen’s wings. The hen was fearing and noticed that the magic behavior worked for her. The lion went and did nothing bad with the hen. The other 3 friends noticed that. They knew the magic behavior have saved their friend. They came to the hen and asked her about the lion’s treatment with her. Their friend said the horse was right and she suddenly remembered to use this magic behavior. She said the lion was so kind to her and they can try this magic behavior. The other 3 friends decided to try this magic behavior too to be friend with the lion too.

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