Let’s Begin 1 – Lesson 1

Let’s Begin 1 – Lesson 1

The first lesson of the book Let’s Begin 1 from the “Let’s Go” book series which Oxford University Press published them. 


This book which is the first book of the LG book series aims to teach the English alphabet first. There are 28 lessons in this 1st book every lesson is related to one letter of the English alphabet. The 2 last lessons are related to reviewing the learned English alphabet. Unlike many English training books and courses, this book does not teach the English alphabet in the order that is common but starts with vowels and then introduces letters that are similar. As mentioned, each lesson of this book deals with one letter of the English alphabet; In each lesson, 3 words and 1 person’s name that start with that letter are introduced, and the novice learner learns the alphabet with the help of the examples given in each lesson. In addition to teaching the letters of the alphabet and how to pronounce them, a small conversation is also included in each lesson. By learning these simple sentences, the new English learner enters the stage of learning English speaking.


The way of writing the alphabet letters as the basis of writing in the English language is also taught in this book, in addition to learning how to read the letters of the alphabet and several words in each lesson. The first lesson is related to the first letter, “Aa”. It is taught how to read and how to write this letter in the first lesson.  


Let's Begin 1- Lesson 1
Let’s Begin 1- Lesson 1


The English learner is expected to practice how to write letters by preparing a suitable 3-line notebook. For this purpose, the learner should try to write at least one page of each letter carefully so that they can learn how to write letters correctly. Note that the more patience and time the learner spends writing and practicing the alphabet letters, the better and more beautiful their learning and handwriting can be.
After the learner has learned how to write the letter “Aa” well and has written one page of this letter carefully and patiently, they should refer to their Workbook and carefully perform the exercises prepared for them there.
On page 7 of the book, there is a small conversation that the English learners should learn well and practice it with their teacher, friends, and people around them. The conversation in the first lesson is the simplest conversation and it is related to how to greet other people in English.
In English, 3 words are used to say hello, which are Hello, Hi, and Hey.

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