What is happiness exactly and how we can be happy? Can we be happy anytime we want to be? Can our happiness remain forever? 

Many of people have many problems in their life which they can’t solve them themselves so they need to get some advices and some consultants from some experts or from the people who have some experiences with these problems in their life. One of these problems which is going to be very tough for many people is depression and sadness in the life. Depression and sadness will exist if you heart loses happiness in the life. The main situation in which people like to get there and to have this situation in their life they want to be happy in their life but they don’t know how to do that some people do some things which it is which they are not happy forever just for some short period of life but some other have found the ways which make him to be happier and happier and the day after day they will be more happier so what is that exactly how we can be happy very simple because we we everybody knows that but even if everybody knows that forget it easy the main source of happiness is relating to the source which make us happy forever in our life but we forget we forgot that he forgot the source of life the source of happiness in our life but if you can find it you will be happy forever because they help you to go in a directions and ways to be happy forever it is not so hard it is very very very easy and very simple because happiness related to the things which are making our life and if you you said this things in your life that happiness will will be in the bottom of your heart you feel it easily and you can see happiness in every moment of your life and you will be happy forever every day every time but you should keep moving in a during that direction to be happy forever and I’m going to tell you this way and this direction to be happy and to main happy and give happiness to all the people around yourself this is a simple as by this way the simple as I told you you will be happy you try to remain happy and you can expand your happiness to all the people around yourself and other people around yourself happy too

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