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لغت ۳ و ۴ درس ۴۲ کتاب ۵۰۴ – Endure و Wrath

لغت ۳ درس ۴۲ کتاب ۵۰۴ Endure / ɪnˈdjʊə,ɛnˈdjʊə,ɪnˈdʒɔː,ɛnˈdʒɔː / Verb Last; keep on; undergo; bear; stand, stand for, suffer, suffer without complaint, tolerate; continue on in spite of difficulty, put up with, take, go on, survive, abide, continue, persist, remain, stay   How can you endure such disrespect? The valiant* officer endured serious burns on September 11th. Dr. Hardy …

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Rage -504-9-3

لغت سوم از درس ۹ کتاب ۵۰۴ ……………………………. Rage / reɪdʒ / Violent anger; something that arouses intense but brief enthusiasm Joan’s bad manners sent her mother into a rage. In a fit of rage, Francine broke the valuable glass. The mayor felt a sense of rage about the exaggerations* in the press.   خشم شدید، چیزی که علاقمندی شدید …

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