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پست خبری

China’s Money Drops in Value China‘s highly controlled currency, the yuan, had its biggest drop in twodecades Tuesday. That was followed, Wednesday, by a 1.6 percent drop invalue. Chinese officials say their devaluation of the currency will let marketsplay a greater part in setting the value of Chinese money. However, expertssay the devaluation also will help Chinese exports.  By Wednesday, …

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پست آموزشی

انواع بیماریها به انگلیسی: headache سردرد backache پشت درد amnesiaبیماری فراموشی anemiaکم خونی bloodshed خونریزی brain sicknessنقص عقل bladder stone سنگ مثانه cancer سرطان tooth ache دندان درد chicken pox آبله مرغان Sore Throat گلو درد constipate یبوست depressionافسردگی ear ache گوش درد eye soreچشم درد fluآنفلو آنزا fever تب heart ache قلب درد heat stroke گرما زدگی hypertension فشار …

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