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Daily Archives: 07/25/2015

Short Story 02


Fred Clever soldier Fred was a young soldier* in a big camp*. During the week they always worked very hard, but it was Saturday, and all the young soldiers were free*, so their officer said to them, ‘You can go into the town this afternoon, but first I’m going to inspect* you.’ Fred came to the officer, and the officer …

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Concert words


رفتن به کنسرت Venue محل، جاهایی مثل رستوران، بار، سالن … Small, intimate venue یه جای کوچیک خودمونی Nose-bleed خیلی دور یا خیلی بالا (اگه به ارتفاعات بالا بریم امکان خونریزی بینی هستش) It’s not a big amphitheater where you can’t even see the band from the nose-bleed section. کنسرت توی جاهایی مثل آمفی تئاتر نیست که حتی از بلند …

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