Come Idioms

✳️Idioms using “COME”

۱٫ come about
?Meaning: happen
?Example: The event you were waiting for has come about.

۲٫ come across
?Meaning: find unexpectedly
?Example: Reading a book I came across a photo of my hometown.

?Meaning: provide services on demand
?Example: She pressured her manager, but he didn’t come across with
her raise.

۳٫ come across as
?Meaning: give the impression of
?Example: He comes across as a reasonable man, but in fact, he is

۴٫ come down with [an illness] ?Meaning: get [an illness] ?Example: I don’t feel well; I think I’m coming down with the flu.

۵٫ come in handy
?Meaning: prove useful
?Example: I kept batteries in my flashlight because I know it could
come in handy in an emergency.

۶٫ come out
?Meaning: be published, appear
?Example: The new issue of the magazine came out last week.

?Meaning: reveal one’s homosexuality
?Example: His parents were shocked when he came out.

?Meaning: emerge
? Example: From our discussion it came out that we all disagreed on
every point.

۷٫ come through
?Meaning: survive
?Example: She came through her illness at last.

۸٫ come through for
?Meaning: support through difficulty
? Example: He really came through for me when my daughter was in the

۹٫ come up
?Meaning: be mentioned
?Example: We were talking about students, and your name came up.

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