The phrasal verb “BRING”

۱٫ bring about
✅Meaning: cause
?Example: She hopes to bring about a change in his attitude.

۲٫ bring in
✅Meaning: yield, earn
?Example: His investments bring in a profit, and his wife brings in
fifty thousand dollars a year.

۳٫ bring on
✅Meaning: cause
?Example: The assassination brought on the first world war.

✅Meaning: cause to come forth, produce
?Example: Bring on the wine!

۴٫ bring [something] on [oneself] ✅Meaning: cause problems for oneself
?Example: By refusing to listen to his teacher, he brought the
failure on himself.

۵٫ bring out
✅Meaning: emphasize
?Example: That blue shirt brings out the color of your eyes.

✅Meaning: inspire
?Example: That teacher is able to bring out the best in her

۶٫ bring to mind
✅Meaning: remind someone of
?Example: The smell of baking bread brings my mother’s kitchen to

۷٫ bring up
✅Meaning: raise, rear
?Example: After my parents died, I was brought up by my

۸٫ bring down
✅Meaning: cause to fail
?Example: The war brought down the government.

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